The thunder clapped as the ship rolled. I played cards and tried to fit in. Why do men question everyone? I felt brave up here,  not left out. I met a boy down near the horses. His name is  Andrew, Andy for short. He likes horses, I said I’d help him out. I  came attached to a horse (Joey) who has a mark on the center of his fore head. Every night, me and my squadron sing. The Jerry’s don’t know what there in for.                                                       My name is James and this is my story.

Hours later we docked, just off the side of a beach called Dieppe. It was sleepy no longer when we arrived. Men shouted, and privates stood to attention as crates smashed. Within days, we began our march through the flat, open country, heading towards the front line!

We galloped for days on, end from dawn till dusk. The horses drank most of the night (we’d always stop by a river ). We’d use resources to make fires and to clean the water for a drink. The sun set real early, so once we stopped we’d set up the tents and sleep for the night.

It sounded like thunder. The Jerry  were already shooting their guns to celebrate. Who do they think they are? They littered the night sky with neon  orange flashes. You’d have thought they won ! With every step the squadron took, spunels of gun shots grew nearer and nearer. The Corporals laughed and jerked. They’d never last a day .

Today was the day I would never forget!Tomorrow we’ll start the battle, we’ll set up our secondary camp for the injured. Many soldiers cried. I think they where homesick. I have never cried once.

Heading off, we came up to a dense forest, you would have thought it was a jungle . Captain Phillips caught glimpses of something. Even though no one else we all know it was Jerry  . Hours later, we rode to the end to the end of the forest. We saw the enemy line about two miles away.

” Forward!Form enemy column!” Captain Phillips shouted from Joey’s saddle . I cried seeing him on the horse I came attached to. Joey nudged me every time he saw me. I knew we were friends ! I’d normally get shouted to come and calm him down.

Galloping, more than a quarter of the squadron ran and ran. We raced into the sunlight of battle , with our swords out and horses prepared. It was swarming with tents and about a million men printing for their lives.

Across the moor, we brayed and rode, only to notice several mini-guns.                                                                                                                        “Jump!” Captain Stuart shouted “You can make it!”                            Adrenalin filled my body;I was no longer scared (but I was alone), I felt proud! I made it! I knew I could!

Riding on no body was around. Had they all fallen? Just me and Tommy my horse ,left? Scared, confused and annoyed, I wondered the battle field swarming with dead soldiers from the other side, I think. A hand  touched my shoulder , it was Andy atop Joey he came to give him to me!

On returning to the old, ruined camp, I heard  the British had won. How could this be true? More than two thousand of the squadron had been lost or died. Lone horses without riders were every where!