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The First Battle

As thunder snapped, the ship rolled across the gloomy English Channel. I heard horses hooves destroying parts of the ship. Up on deck, however, we soldiers were in low sprites about what was coming ahead of us. Playing cards, I relised what I was putting myself through.  My name is Ed and this is my story.

Early that cold November morning, we docked at the sea coast of Dieppe.  Commanders  were shouting as we unloaded the ship. The Squadron parade began whilst the Captain whipped the soldiers to attention. Heading towards the enemy line, we paused for only five minutes per hour. The darkness of the German front came closer with every step the squadron took. At night, orange flashes littered the dark, gloomy night sky.

The day of the first battle was a day that we would never forget. Inside the gloomy woods, Captain Philips caught glimpses of enemy soldiers about half a mile ahead. ”Forward! Form Squadron, Column!” The Captain shouted from Joey’s saddle. Galloping though the long green, grass, we charged out of the wood and into the  sun light of battle . The horses brayed and ran gallantly towards the Germans soldiers. (Inside, my heart was almost beating as fast as the machine guns fire.)

Galloping with Joey, we looked all around, trying to find our friends, until we noticed  that we were all alone  on the battlefield. Where was Captain Philips? Where was Topthorn? Scared, panic-stricken and fatigued, we slowly wandered for ward through the field  which was coved by our fallen soldiers. Suddenly, an ugly hand seized my shoulder! It was Captain Philips: atop  our best friend Topthorn.

On returning to camp, we heard that the British had won! Confused, we wondered how could this be true? Soldiers and horses lay dead and dying.  More than a quarter of the squadron had been lost. Joey, Topthorn and I looked up to the stary sky and wondered if we might ever see England again.



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  1. nice work EllieMae- nice work EllieMae

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