Year 6

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the First Battle

                                                              soldiers viewpoint

As the thunder clapped the night sky,  the ship was swaying from side to side. As we were up on the bright deck we heard the horses kicking the stable doors down below, they were obviously scared.

On the cold September  morning we docked in Dieppe, as i was getting the horses i saw one specific one he was named joey he was amazing with silky brown thin hair and sparkling diamond blue eyes as i was admiring him the captain shouted ”come on lads get a move on. ”I quickly mounted my horse as we set to the camp to plan the ambush on the unsuspecting Germans.

When we got to camp the captain shouted ”We are doing this today!”then we got on our horses and galloped to the German lines/camp.

as we were almost at the lines captain bob whispered ”stop.” ”enemies around a mile away.” suddenly we heard ”Die Briten sind hier , FEUER !!!!!” All of a sudden captain Bob shouted ”FORWARD FORM SQUADRON COLUMN..” Then we were galloping through the enemy camp then i felt a strong icy object hit me.

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  1. nice work luke i love your story

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